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ERP Solutions

We truly understand your business needs and knows how to apply them through technologies and innovations to create solutions for challenges, drive growth, and improve employee satisfaction. Our team consists of experienced professionals with experience ranging from 6 to 24 years.





Our Bespoke recruiting solutions use the right mix of technology and human intelligence to help you hire candidates on contract/full time who can contribute to both your business goals and culture. Our team is highly trained to decipher the competencies of a candidate by analysing the resume,conducting interviews and managing onboarding process


Why Us

With our technical and functional expertise in ERP solutions, we work proactively, tirelessly with our clients and help them to stay ahead of Microsoft’s latest technologies and innovations through our friendly and service-driven approach.


We provide implementation and support services to clients in more than 6 countries across the globe for industry specific solutions, helping you focus on what matters to your organisation.


Our exceptionally skilled and passionate team of experts transforms businesses through improved operations, better service and profitable sales channels.


Based on our complete ERP Solutions portfolio, we develop tailor made solutions to fit your requirements – transforming your business to achieve a competitive advantage.

Microsoft's Choice

Build Global Scale while Preserving Culture

Successfully Deploy Diversified Services

Enable Transformational Enterprise Solutions

Become Employer of Choice

Provide Employees the Best Career Path Possible

Become More Valuable to Clients

Achieve Trusted Advisor Status


Manage Your Entire Business from End to End - Let the ERP system tackle the repetitive, time-consuming tasks that slow you down so you can focus on what’s most

Empower Your Team

Give your team instant access to the information they need anytime, anywhere. With ERP and cloud platform solutions, you’ll always be on the same page.

Improve Efficiency

Make every process, from expense approvals to inventory planning, easier and faster with ERP solutions.

Gain Valuable Insight

Evaluate performance and plan for the future. ERP dashboards and Power BI integration deliver all the information you need.

Enables Innovation

Tailors technology in those areas that give you a competitive advantage.

Streamlines ROI

We allow you to adopt a predictable pricing model,scalable to cutting-edge methodologies, technologies and expertise.

Customized Offering

Services will be tailored to your needs, giving you unlimited support across a wide variety of industries.

Comprehensive Approach

Supporting the Microsoft ecosystem, including integrated ISV solutions, RFID/IoT sensors, and analytics, the risk of downtime and errors is greatly reduced.

Award-Winning Microsoft Partner

Trusted advisors, strategic leaders, and industry experts. For a set cost, you get unlimited access to an assigned team of application experts.

Increase business agility

Easily and quickly respond to change and adopt new approaches with the backing of our scalable technology, teams and delivery models to improve your agility in the market.

Proactive strategic change

Being proactive, we focus on staying at the forefront of technical changes and feed these into our clients through account management, reporting and roadmap planning to keep your IT strategy competitive.

Strengthen business focus

Working with dedicated specialists improves your internal time and resource efficiencies, allowing you to better focus on activities of long-term business value rather than day-to-day running of your IT.

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